Ladle Refining Furnace or LRF technology refines and purifies the steel by reducing Sulphur, Phosphorus, and dissolved gas levels as per BIS norms to provide strength and flexibility.


German-designed quenching and tempering technology- Thermex® ensures uniformity in strength, toughness, ductility, and weldability in TMT bars. Thus, making them ideal for infrastructure and high-rise residential constructions.


The automated steel rolling mill is a fully automated technology that provides a higher level of uniformity in quality to SMS TMT bars.
Benefits include:
Consistent ribs- ensures excellent bonding when mixed with concrete
Uniform gauge- gives consistency to the weight and diameter
Quenching and Thirsting- turns TMT bars extremely strong from the outside and ductile inside.


Stage 1

Iron Ore is processed at our DRI plant to obtain the primary raw material i.e. Sponge Iron. Stringent quality measures are undertaken at our DRI plant to ensure that only the finest raw materials are used to produce sponge Iron.

Stage 2

The Sponge Iron is then melted through EIF (Electric Induction Furnace) and processed through the LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace). In LRF, the liquid metal is refined and purified by lowering the Sulphur, Phosphorous and dissolved gases levels and homogenized in terms of temperature and chemical composition as per stringent BIS norms to provide the ideal strength and flexibility to the TMT Bars. Inclusions are also removed to ensure that Steel is of the highest quality and exhibits superior mechanical properties.

Stage 3

The molten steel is passed through the Automized Continuous Casting Machine for producing the quality Billets with uniform length to avoid any variations at later stage. Continuous Casting is the process where molten metal is allowed to solidify until it becomes a semi-finished slab or Billet.

Stage 4

The casted hot Billets are then immediately rolled into the Automized Rolling Mill through hot Conveyor Belt. This avoids the reheating and changes in the chemical composition of the Billets.

Stage 5

THERMEX technology is used for Thermo-Mechanical treatment of the Bars to ensure uniform quality across its length. Dissolved solids and hardness in water impacts the quality of TMT Bars. SMS TMT Bars are corrosion resistant as they are quenched using RO purified water.

Stage 6

The final products are then stored in 1,50,000 Sq. ft. of fully covered shed. Only after physical test and thorough quality checks are executed, SMS TMT Bars are packaged and dispatched.


Test conducted at 10 stages of the manufacturing process